Why are the 'memorable password' words so lewd?

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Is there something about the algorithm that creates memorable passwords that prefers sexual and controversial words? I'm no prude but my coworkers and I don't especially need to be reminded of this kind of stuff while we're at work. Here are some words that 2 of us saw this morning: colonist, pelvic, orgy, succubus, flatus, tampon. What's the deal?

(Also there seems to be no forum for general 1Password functionality. This question isn't platform-specific.)

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  • Scott.S_1PScott.S_1P

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    Hey @rubyatMR,

    Thanks for bringing these words to our attention, and I apologize for any offense. To increase the randomness of generated passwords, we have a word list that is designed to be as broad as possible, and includes nouns, verbs, and adjectives. When generating a memorable password, several words are picked from the list at random. Sometimes the results are problematic, but changing the algorithm or eliminating entire categories of words could make the generated passwords weaker.

    I have shared the words you mentioned with our team, so they can potentially be removed from future versions of the password generator. If you find any other lewd words, feel free to share them with me.

  • rubyatMRrubyatMR
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    @Scott.S_1P Those words were found with just two of us refreshing the tool a handful of times each. They seem to be weighted disproportionately in the algorithm. I could easily spend 15 minutes and find a ton more NSFW words but that would only scratch the surface of what seems to be in the word bank.

  • Scott.S_1PScott.S_1P

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    The memorable passwords suggested by 1Password are picked at random and not weighted in any way. Such weighting would substantially weaken the randomness of the memorable passwords 1Password suggests. If you do come across any words that you feel should be removed, feel free to email them to [email protected] and include a link to this forum thread. Thanks for contributing to the evolution of 1Password.

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