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Using 1Password 8 Beta a few days now and here goes my feedback:

  • New and Edit buttons are odd. Why not use an extended floating action button? Bigger and easier to press, and more in line with Material design. Also, the edit button could be at the bottom, just like the new button
  • As said here in the community, it's very hard to generate a password. Why not add an independent tab, like Bitwarden has? Just for the generator
  • While checking all items, it should be possible to set a default sort or, easier, remember the last selection. I like to use alphabetical sort, but it's tedious to change it all the time to find something
  • While unlocking the app with the fingerprint, the text field can be hidden for more pleasant animation
  • Bug: face unlock text on fingerprint unlock (Samsung, Android 12)
  • Bug: While checking all items, if the title is big enough, it can stay behind the new button
  • Bug: new button text is not vertically centered

Glad to help with more feedback if necessary

1Password Version: 8.8.0-139.BETA
Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • Hello @pjpc, thank you for this detailed and considered feedback! I will respond to each point in order:

    1. To my knowledge, the new item button is an extended floating action button. I can definitely see the benefit of doing something similar for the Edit button especially for single hand use or on larger phones. I will pass your feedback to the team.
    2. I've added your +1 for a dedicated password generator in the apps.
    3. The non-persistent search criteria is a regression the development team has identified and is working to fix. I've seen some movement on this with internal builds so hopefully we will have this in the beta soon.
    4. Are you referring to the brief flash of the account password field just before the key turn animation when unlocking?
    5. On devices where Face unlock is available the biometric unlock option defaults to that wording even if it's not in use. This is another one we're aware of and working to resolve. If this is occurring for you, tapping Face unlock will allow you to enable fingerprint unlock.
    6. From my understanding, floating action buttons will cover the part of the screen they are displayed over. You can see an example of this in the Material Design document you shared which I've included below. Are you seeing different behavior in 1Password 8?

    7. Just to make sure we're on the same page, you're referring to "+ New Item" not being centered within the blue new item button?

    Thanks again for all your input!

  • pjpc
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    Hi @ag_timothy
    1. It looks like one, but it seems smaller than the proposed dimensions by Material Design. Could be bigger, like the one on the image you shared. It's just a nitpick, really 😄
    4. Exactly! Other nitpick 😄
    6. Yes, it's supposed to cover the content, but the last row should be also visible, not hidden behind the content when I can't scroll anymore. One way to achieve this is setting the recycler view bottom padding to above the floating action button (if the FAB has 72dp, set the padding to 88dp, i.e.), and set clip to padding to false on the recycler view. You keep the behavior of scrolling behind the action button, but the last row scrolls above the FAB
    7. Yes, within the blue new item button. I think this happens because of changing the default size of the FAB and internal padding messes up with the vertical centering

  • Hi @pjpc, this is definitely the time and the place to nitpick! Thanks again for your feedback and for clarifying those points. I've reached out to the relevant teams internally to share this feedback. If you come across any other issues or nitpicks feel free to let us know!

  • pjpc
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    Hi @ag_timothy
    New update came and here are some remarks:
    1) Home Tab and Second tab looks like the same thing. I think it got more confusing than the unified view. Since we can customize, why split it? Is there a reasoning behind the decision? Metrics or something like that?
    2) Watchtower is better positioned now. Unify again the first and second tab, and add as a tab the password generator. And if it could include a username generator, it would be neat
    3) Having settings as a secondary option is a good choice (accessible from top bar) and better approach than occupy the bottom bar for more important features
    4) The Edit button to customize the home page is better positioned at the top bar. Since it's an option that we're going to use the first time we configure the app, mostly, it stays better on top bar. This means that the big customize edit button on the list can be removed

  • Hi @pjpc thanks for sharing your thoughts on the recent update!

    1. Reorganizing the navigation from a Home tab into a Home and Items tab is the first step for some changes to 1Password 8 coming during the early access and beyond. The Home tab is still where you can customize your 1Password experience to surface your most important data, and we have many ideas for additional tiles. The Items tab is the place where you can find all of your items, sorted by vault, category, and tags. As you noted, the Home and Items tab are both customizable.
    2. I'm glad the Watchtower positioning is working well for you. I believe I've previously added your +1 for a password generator so I haven't doubled up on that but I think if it was added, it would be great to have it front and center with its on tab in 1Password 8.
    3. I agree moving the customize button to the top bar feel like a more intuitive placement. With continued changes coming to the Home and Item tabs I suspect we'll see the removal of the now secondary customize button. If we don't see this change I will go ahead and file your feedback on it!

    Thanks again pjpc!

  • pjpc
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    Hi @ag_timothy
    2. I was referring to username generator. Like random words based in criteria. Like this one.

    In the meantime found a very big bug. On the latest version, when saving a new password (I was trying to save a new credit card), the screen is not closed, like it's not doing anything, but after discarding I had 50+ credit cards saved.

  • Hi @pjpc, my apologies for glossing over the username generator part of point 2. I've gone ahead and filed your interest for adding a username generator to the app.

    As for the issue when saving a new item, that appears to be a regression introduced in a recent update. An issue has been filed for that bug and while I have no information regarding a timeline for a fix, the development team has marked it as a high priority. Sorry for any trouble it's caused you!

    ref: IDEA-I-898
    ref: dev/core/core#16032

  • pjpc
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    Hey @ag_timothy
    The app is getting better at each update. The move to Material You guidelines makes everything better. A few bugs that I see and some inconsistencies:

    • while opening the app, with fingerprint unlock, sometimes the keyboard popups up. It's gaining focus for some reason
    • on Home tab, the New item shrinks, but if I go to All items or after a search (with all matches), this does not happen
    • for some reason, on Home tab, every expandable list has white background, but on Items tab, Categories and Tags don't have this white background
    • on All Items or after a search (with all matches), the list still does not scroll above the New item button
    • The New item popup is not very user-friendly. It could benefit from a Bottom Sheet with bigger clickable area for each item. Nowadays, it's very easy to fail a click if you think of someone with big hands
    • bug: open All items, go back to Home tab, go back to Items tab. We have now the buttons on top right that do nothing
    • bug: when going to Search tab, the icon on top right shifts his position
    • bug: 1Password does not work with Binance app (the global one)

    Keep up with the nice work

  • Hi @pjpc, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the updates. Thanks again for all this feedback, your eye for detail is truly impressive!
    1. The keyboard gaining focus is filed and on our list.
    2. I filed an issue for this myself not too long ago. The New Item FAB seems to freeze in it's collapsed or expanded state when you open another section. So if you scroll down, then tap All Items you'll just see the + but usually it gets stuck expanded. Hopefully we'll see a fix make it to one of the next few updates.
    3. Great point. I'm not sure if this is intentional but I agree it could come across as visually inconsistent. I'd be happy to bring this up with the team.
    4. Would this be related to point 2 where the New Item FAB is not collapsing or expanding properly in some sections?
    5. I could definitely see the benefit of making the item list bigger, especially from an accessibility perspective. I've passed that along to the team
    6. I've seen this as well but hadn't found the steps to reproduce. Thanks for sharing, I've filed it as an issue.
    7. See my above "eye for detail" statement. Filed.
    8. If memory serves, Binance has always been an issue with Autofill. I'm not sure if something needs to change on their end but we have it filed with the filling team here.

    Thanks again!

  • pjpc
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    Hey @ag_timothy. Thank you for your reply

    1. Not quite. It's something I reported back. Take a look at your answer on 23 of June. We expect the list to keep scroll above the action button, so we have something like this.

    What's happening is that the last item on the list is cut by the button. Imagining that "That track" is the last item on the list, it get's cut and information is hidden

    Hope it makes it more clear. Happy to DM to report back on other stuff I have in mind

  • Thank you for clarifying that for me @pjpc. That makes sense to me and I have gone ahead and shared your feedback. As always, your input is very much appreciated!

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    Hey @ag_timothy

    Back with some feedback to report a couple more issues I found. All related with keeping toolbar state
    1. On Items tab, we have a back press button that shouldn't be there. It's the only tab with one. Title isn't even vertically centered
    2. Home tab, open an item, go back, we lost the toolbar
    3. Home tab, Items tab, All items, Home tab: items on top right have a weird animation
    4. Home tab, Items tab, All items, Home tab, Items tab, Home tab: we lost the toolbar
    5. Home tab, Items tab, open any vault, Home tab: now we have the menu button and lost the edit and title
    6. Home tab, Items tab, open an item, Home tab: now we have Edit button on toolbar
    7. After playing a lot with the tabs, open and close items, I go back to the Watchtower, and it's on generating report indefinitely
    8. The new item popup now fills the whole screen. It's kind of weird and a bad design. Text should be bigger as the rest of the text in the whole app. Should be a bottom sheet, have a "Common items" at the top, and then the rest would scroll and fill the screen. Have a look at Sync for Reddit (Beta) and how it manages the Explore bottom sheet. That has a great UX.

    The behavior on toolbar is completely broken. It seems that there is only one toolbar, and it's being updated according to the screen. Don't do it if it's the case. It's better to have it repeated on each screen, but it's way much easier to handle the state. Also, because each tab has its own navigation and you always go to where you were, you're in for a treat for having issues. I wouldn't mind having it reset when I leave the tab. If I'm leaving the tab, it's because I'm done there.

    PS: sorry for the long post 😅

  • Hi @pjpc, thanks as always for sharing these!

    1-6) We're aware of a few oddities in the tool bar and are working to get those cleaned up. I'll go through the relevant issues to make sure what you've shared is covered.
    7) This is another one the team is working to resolve. Switching to another tab, closing the app completely then re-opening and navigating to the Watchtower tab should help in the mean time.
    8) We switched to the new item pop up as the previous was quite small especially on phones. I definitely agree that without further increasing the text size, the original problem still remains.

    With how I use 1Password for Android I would also prefer the tabs resetting after leaving them. On the other hand I've chatted with plenty of users that prefer to resume where they left off when they re-open 1Password or return to the tab. I think it's worth re-examining though to find a happier medium between the two. I've shared your feedback on that as well as the other points with the team. Thanks again!

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