Early Access #9: 📱

edited June 2022 in iOS

Hello, intrepid testers! This week's TestFlight brings with it the first stage of some significant changes to 1Password 8 over the next few weeks. This first stage reorganizes the app's navigation into Home, Items, Search, and Watchtower on iPhones. On iPads, Home, Watchtower, and Search become the top levels of navigation, with the Items components residing in the rest of the sidebar.

The Home tab is still where you can customize your 1Password experience to surface your most important data, and we have many ideas for additional tiles. We'd also love to hear your ideas for tiles in our forums. The Items tab is the place where you can find all of your items, sorted by vault, category, and tags. You can customize this tab as well. 1Password's settings have been relocated to the User Menu.

As we mentioned, this is the first stage. Over the coming weeks you will see the Home tab take on new styling for its tiles, especially on iPad, where Home will be the perfect dashboard for your security.

Thank you so much for testing and for all of your feedback so far. We really hope you enjoy this week's updates. Please share your experiences in our iOS Early Access category.

Here are this week's most notable improvements:

  • [NEW] Navigation has been reorganized to Home, Items, Search, and Watchtower! !12801,!13092
  • [NEW] The Item list now has a much improved empty state. #14117,#12460
  • [NEW] Sort item lists by frequently and recently used. #4042
  • [IMPROVED] Search now treats + and & as word boundaries to allow searching for email labels/aliases. !12584
  • [FIXED] iPhone layouts no longer offer the ability to open a view in a new window, since that is only supported on iPads. #15509
  • [FIXED] Watchtower now checks newly added accounts for vulnerable passwords. #14728
  • [FIXED] Face ID no longer loops after a failed authentication. #15633
  • [FIXED] 1Password now prevents copying passwords from vaults that do not have the password reveal permission set. #15714
  • [FIXED] 1Password avoids re-downloading encrypted files for preview/download when they are already locally cached. #15610
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