Why is 1Password adding tracking query strings to clicked URLs?

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For example, my 1Password entry for this site contains the URL https://1password.community/

But if I click it, it takes me to the URL:


Why is 1Password adding this tracking tag?

1Password Version: 8.7.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 12.4


  • MrC
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  • Thank you @MrC for explaining, this is correct. The URL is tracker-free. 👍

  • clarino
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    Ok, I read that explanation. But surely there must be a way to disable it. It's stopping my aetna.com login from working.

  • Joy_1P
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    Hey @clarino, in order for Open and Fill to work, the 1Password app opens the specified URL and appends a string to the end. This is the only time we append strings to the URL in your browser, and it acts as secret reference that tells the browser extension what username and password to fill into the website fields. Importantly, the secret reference doesn't contain any data about the contents of your logins itself, so no one could work backwards from that appended string to figure out your password.

    The error is likely coming from the website's security policies and what URL parameters they are willing to accept as legitimate. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do from our side about this. Without the appended string, there is no way to for 1Password to open and fill your data. With any string appended to the URL, the site may always throw an error. I'm afraid this is not something we can change from our end.

    Instead of opening and filling your login from the 1Password app, I would recommend opening the website in your browser directly and then using 1Password's inline menu to fill the login. That should work without any issues.

    I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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