One-time password is not being autofilled for Stake login

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Problem: One-time password is not being autofilled during login after using 1Password to fill initial login form (whereas with Google login, once you've asked 1Password to fill the login form it autofills subsequent form fields during login process including one-time password)
Login page:
Web browser: Firefox 101.0.1 (latest version)
1Password extension: Version 2.3.5 ("Integrate with 1Password app" enabled)
1Password app: Windows version 7.9.830

First the page displays the login form (user and pass which 1Password displays the usual prompt offering to fill the fields and will do so without issue), then, if the user has 2FA enabled, the original login form appears to be replaced with the one-time password form without apparent page re/load but 1Password does not autofill or offer a prompt within the form to quickly fill it (I have to go to the extension and copy and paste it).

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided

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