Can you access a suspended user's private vault

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We terminated an employee and did not let them into their accounts. How can I get the passwords from their private vault?

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    Hey @jmartin624,

    Good question. The private vault is designed to be private to a specific team member and the data is inaccessible to everyone else on the team in most circumstances. But there is a work around you can try.

    Here's the requirements for this to work

    • The team members 1Password account is active or suspended.
    • You have access to the team members email account that was used for their 1Password account, and that email address can still get incoming email.
    • An account owner, administrator, or team member with the "recover accounts" permission has an active account that can be used to recover the suspended team members account.

    If all of those are true, activate the suspended 1Password account, have an owner or administrator this guide to Recover accounts for family or team members, check their email for the recovery instructions, have an owner or administrator approve the recovery, and then log in as the team member. From there you can Move and copy items out of their private vault into a shared vault.

    I hope this information helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any further questions!

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