Disappointing iPad experience

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My parents and I had a frustrating time trying to use 1Password on the iPad today.

  1. If people have started entering content, don't automatically close the modal when there is a tap outside it. If you get the chance, please observe older folks using your app. It's very easy to accidentally tap outside the modal. It is confusing and frustrating when the window suddenly disappears. This applies to anyone that does has less than perfect fine motor skills.

  2. The little blue "next" arrow is right up against the edge of the modal, adding to the chance that you'll accidentally tap outside it.

  3. The app's support for larger type is not great. When you try to make a new login, each row of text overlaps the previous row. If I didn't know what to do this would have been a barrier to use. In other areas the text will not resize no matter what your iOS preferences are set to.

Also, it is disappointing that you don't provide a feedback form for Families plans, when I can clearly see it in my business accounts.

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    Not a hit I can see! That's too bad, it's important to accommodate those with different abilities.

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    Are you using the version available from the Mac App Store, or are you using our new beta iOS version? Feedback like this would be wonderful as we continue to work on bringing our new iOS version to everyone. Being someone who also has some fine motor control and vision issues, I, for one, would love to have more feedback like yours presented.

    Family accounts and individuals are always welcome to provide feedback here or via our email system. [email protected] Please feel free to use that email address at any time. In fact, please do so now, and one of my email colleagues will help make sure the concerns are documented. There is no need to type out what you have said here; just include a link to this topic and include any additional details you might want to provide.


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    Thank you @ag_tommy ! I will do that now.

    Oh -- we are using iOS App Store version. I hadn't realized there is a beta option for iOS, where can I read about that?

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    I love the name btw.

    The current beta is full to the best of my understanding. My apologies if I lead you astray there. Re reading my post I can see how that might happen. I can't say when spots might open up. The community here is the best place. Here are links to our general areas for beta talk on iOS and Android. We also have 1Password 8 for Mac if you use it. 1Password 8 for Mac

    iOS [Early Access] — 1Password Support Community
    Android — 1Password Support Community

    Please do provide any feedback.

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