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Hi. Thanks for including me in the beta.

Bit of feedback.

Recent items recommendation. I'd like to see newly created items show up in the Recently Used section of Home. An example of this is that I created a new Login from within the app. I needed to access it again almost immediately after I'd created it but had to searching for it. I would prefer if, after creating a new item (which returns me to the Home page), the new item showed up at the top of the Recent list.

Editing. As reported by others, I can't consistently edit items. The 100% reproducible set of steps for me is 1) create a new login, get returned to the home page. Switch to Search. Search for and select the item just created. Click "Edit". Nothing happens.

Vault Collections. I'm finding collection navigation confusing on iOS. At minimum, it's inconsistent with version 8 on MacOS. On MacOS, the name of the vault collection is a drop down so if I have a collection called "Frequent Vaults", I can click on the name of the collection and get a drop down which lets me change to a different collection or manage collections. On iOS, the vault name isn't clickable and I have to click on the little round control which I assume represents "Vaults". Perhaps I'm dense but it took me a minute of searching around to figure out how to switch vault collections. If you're going to use a downward pointing arrow to represent clickability/expansion/drop down menus on both iOS and MacOS, I think you should use it consistently and not have things like that round vault control that don't have that downward arrow next to it. You've successfully trained me to see your downward arrow as a "tap here to do something" cue but you don't provide it in that one, specific place on iOS.

Hope this helps.

1Password Version: 8.8.0 (80800156 - Beta)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Browser:_ Not Provided


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    Hello @zendnez ,Thanks for sharing your feedback! We appreciate every idea that could make 1Password better.

    Recent items recommendation. 

    I have good news for you! There is a new section added for Recently Created items which will help you find your newly created items fast.


    The editing issue that you mentioned is already fixed in latest update, please update your app and let us know if the issue still happens.

    Vault Collections.

    Vault collections has been improved a lot in newer versions, please update your app and let us know if the issue still happens.

    Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

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