Copy/paste icon from clipboard has disappeared

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I used to define icons with simple copy/paste from clipboard. It is no longer proposed when editing an icon...
Did I miss anything please ?

1Password Version: 80702002
Extension Version: 2.3.6
OS Version: Windows 10 Enterprise
Browser:_ Chrome
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  • Hi David_FR06, thanks for reaching out. I hope all is well today.

    Unlike previous versions of 1Password (7 for example), currently, icons cannot be defined by items saved to your clipboard. When editing an item in 1Password 8, the only option included is to Choose new icon... from an image saved to your device.

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience this change has made to your workflow.

  • Mobius_Mann
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    Definitely a step in the wrong direction...the ability to define icons from clipboard was a very useful feature. 1Pass 8 added enough challenges without also taking away simple functionality.

  • David_FR06
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    Hello @ag_mike_d , thanks for your reply.
    I agree with @Mobius_Mann , this feature was really quick and useful.
    Any reason behind this feature withdrawal ? But most of all, any chance to get it back ?

  • Good morning @Mobius_Mann and @David_FR06. Thanks for your additional feedback! I can understand that this is a useful feature and have used it myself many times with past versions of 1Password.

    As for a return of this feature in future implementations of 1Password, I can't make any promises but have added a +1 for each of you in the feature request we're currently tracking. Have a great day!

    ref: IDEA-I-891

  • E10091
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    Yeah just tried using it and it's gone. Super useful feature. Please do bring it back. Literally signed up just to request this!

  • Hello @E10091, thanks for joining the 1Password Support Community and letting us know how useful the copy/paste from clipboard feature is to you! I've included your +1 in out tracker for the requested return of this feature.

    Again, welcome to the community and do let us know if you have any other questions or concerns - we'll be here to help!

    ref: IDEA-I-891

  • sunglee
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    Please, bring back the copy logo from clipboard feature. >=(

  • Thanks for you vote, @sunglee. I've added your details to our tracker for this feature request. 👍

    ref: IDEA-I-891

  • BigW72
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    @ag_mike_d Plus one me too, please

  • ag_mike_d
    edited October 2022

    Hello @BigW72 - I've added a +1 for you to this feature request, thanks!

    ref: IDEA-I-891

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