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In The Latest Early Release Versions, Face ID Doesn't Automatically Start Scanning

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I've included a picture to show what I'm referring to. I'm using the most recent TestFlight releases on iOS, 8.8.x, and it used to be that when you've left the app for a while and came back, it'd automatically initiate Face ID scanning. It still does, sometimes, but more often than not, it requires pressing the Face ID button. And in some cases, the Face ID button isn't showing, and so you have to either force close the app, or enter your password, because the Face ID icon is replaced by an X button, as the app automatically focuses and opens the keyboard (to allow you to enter your password).

Please bring it back so that it automatically scans after being locked/timed out. Thank you.

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  • Tino_BTino_B
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    I can confirm this. I have to force close the app too and then its possible now to open the app with face id.

  • nimvionimvio
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    Thanks, @Tino_B , for sharing your experience.

  • EggsAndAvoEggsAndAvo
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    Same here, sometimes when I open it after being idle it automatically opens the text field and there is no option for face ID, just an arrow. Hopefully they bring back auto face ID

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