passwords are seem on the clipboard of you phone

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I just got a Samsung S22 and the passwords are seen on the clipboard when you switch keyboards. It's not even user friendly since it doesn't even auto fill half the time. I was getting ready to renew for my second year but I'm not. I'm extremely disappointed and I don't know if this happens on other phones but if it copies the copies the passwords on one clipboard and must do it on other phone. Shame on 1password


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    Hello @jgirl, thanks for your feedback. I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with the clipboard not being cleared and Autofill on your device. If you have written in to the 1Password Support team via email, lets continue the conversation there.

    For others interested in this topic I wanted to share a little more context:

    When 1Password clears the clipboard, it copies an empty text ("") that should replace the previously copied value from 1Password. Some keyboards record copied data to the clipboard manager even when the Automatically clear clipboard setting in the 1Password app is used. Unfortunately devices may not provide a setting to stop saving copied values to the clipboard manager.

    There are a couple options to help mitigate this:

    • Utilizing 1Password features can allow you to avoid copying your credentials. With Autofill enabled, 1Password will Autofill in most apps and websites. Where 1Password does not offer to Autofill you can use our drag and drop feature to enter your credentials in split screen mode without copying them.

    • On Samsung devices, you can manually clear your clipboard manager history through the Samsung Keyboard. Open the Samsung Keyboard > tap the clipboard manager > tap delete.

    If you have not tapped or long pressed a field to copy your information in 1Password for Android, the password saved to the clipboard manager may be a one-time password. You can set Auto-copy one-time passwords off from Settings > Autofill in 1Password for Android.

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