Watchtower missing Vulnerable Password in Android App V8.8.0

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I've got two logins that show up in the Windows Desktop App Watchtower with Vulnerable Passwords (I don't have control over these passwords!), but they don't show up in Watchtower as Vulnerable on Android v8.8.0. They're listed under Weak Passwords, but not Vulnerable.

And if I go to the individual login entries in my vault, it warns be that the passwords are Weak, but not Vulnerable.

Looking at the V7.9.4.BETA-1 on Android the individual vault entries do tell me that they have Vulnerable passwords.

1Password Version: V8.8.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 12
Browser:_ Not Provided
Referrer: forum-search:Vunerable passwords


  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hello @rleeden, thanks for joining us in the community forum!

    It sounds like you might have Check for vulnerable passwords off in 1Password 8 for Android. I'd like to ask you to try setting that on then check if your item is marked as vulnerable in 1Password 8 for Android:
    1. Open and unlock 1Password 8 for Android.
    2. Tap your account > Settings (or tap ⚙️(Settings) in earlier versions).
    3. Tap Privacy.
    4. Tap Check vulnerable passwords on.

    Let us know how that goes!

  • rleedenrleeden
    Community Member


    Of course, thanks - I'd forgotten that Vulnerable password checking was an optional setting.

    I've changed the setting as suggested, but the passwords aren't showing up in the Watchtower as Vulnerable yet. But I assume that will happen over time?

  • rleedenrleeden
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    Update: They are now showing up as expected in the Watchtower tab as having Vulnerable passwords :)

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Thanks for the update @rleeden! I'm glad to hear that worked. If you run into any other issues feel free to let us know.

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