Is family account 5 people plus me or 5 people, including me?

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Hi there.

Wondering if the 5 members of the family account includes me in that number, or is it myself and 5 other family members?

Did a search on google and in the community forum but can't find an answer. Any help appreciated to clear this up.


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  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hey @aGuyCalledGerald:

    Great question. The 5 members of the family account includes you. A family of Alice, Bob, Charlie, Dave, and Erin would all be able to use 1Password Families for 4.99USD / month, with additional family members costing 1USD / month.


  • aGuyCalledGeraldaGuyCalledGerald
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    Thanks so much, Jack. That's answered my question.

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