1Password rpm not updating in Fedora 36 Silverblue; issue with opening taskbar icon remains with rpm

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Greetings. I decided to replace the 1Password app Flatpak version for the rpm one in Silverblue 36. So, I rebased my system after also installing the rpm version for Microsoft Edge. Now the app connects without issue with the browser extension and the app icon does not crash (as used to happen with the Flatpak version). Two issues I noticed with the Flatpak app still seem to persist. Gnome software shows 1Password rpm version 8.7.3-1 as available. I am currently using version 8.7.1-1 but, after three restarts to install, I remain stuck in version 8.7.1-1. If I run "rpm-ostree update", I get a "no updates" found. The second issue is identical to what I faced with the Flatpak version; if I click the taskbar icon I get the Gnome Settings window. In order to open the app, I need to right-click it and then select to open the app.
Thanks for your attention. If further info es required, please let me know.

1Password Version: 8.7.1-1 (rpm version)
Extension Version: 2.3.6
OS Version: Fedora Silverblue 36
Browser:_ MS Edge (rpm version)

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