Early Access #10: 📱

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Welcome to our 10th Early Access release, testers! This week the iPad Home screen has been lovingly reorganized into a grid style for your tiles. Think of it like a security bento box. Everything has a nice little organized place to reside.

Our development team has also been fixing up a number of little things through the app, adding that much more delight to your day.

iPad's new Home Screen tiles

Thank you so much for testing and for all of your feedback so far. We really hope you enjoy this week's updates. Please share your experiences in our iOS Early Access category.

Here are this week's most notable improvements:

  • Tiles on iPad's Home screen are now organized as grids.
  • Watchtower's score animation now has better timing and issues with flickering have been eliminated.
  • Search now only searches within the Collection you have chosen.
  • Toast notifications now animate more smoothly.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in two Settings sheets being presented on iPad.

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