Chrome extension login problems on Windows PC

For the past week to 10 days when we click the extension icon in Chrome to login we often get nothing at all or a blank page. If we go to we can login and on my other Windows PCs and my Chromebooks everything works fine. Exiting Chrome and re-entering it often allows us to login. After logging in we wiill get an email as if we logged in from a new PC. I have deleted the extension, deleted cookies and reinstalled the extension, but the problem persists.

1Password Version: N/A
Extension Version: 2..3.7
OS Version: Windows 10 home 21h2 19043.1766
Browser:_ Chrome 103.0.5060.114
Referrer: forum-search:chrome extension


  • evrguyevrguy
    Community Member

    I don't have the Windows app installed, just the browser extension

  • evrguyevrguy
    Community Member

    I have since installed the Windows App so I could send in the diagnostics file. I was also reminded of another problem in the extension. After using it a while you can search for a site and it will bring the matches up on the left side of the window. but if you click on them to see the details in the right side of the window or you try to click launch and autofill it doesn't work.

  • evrguyevrguy
    Community Member

    After it hangs and I sign in an email comes showing a "new" sign in as if a new PC was signed in, but it is the same one.

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