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Hello, I was in the process of deleting a former employee's account, but before confirming I received a notice that 17 of her private passwords will be deleted. Is there a way I can transfer this to another account? Please advise, thanks a lot!

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  • ag_maxag_max

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    Hi @JRicafort,

    I'll be happy to assist. That message indicates that there are 17 items stored in that team member's Private vault. As the message reads, these items will be deleted and made unrecoverable should you delete them from the team. Normally, no one can access someone else's Private vault, not even someone in the Owners group of your 1Password account. You must be signed in to their account in order to view and access their Private vault contents.

    In situations where a team member is still an employee, you can work alongside them to transfer over any work-related data from their Private vault to another shared vault. Additionally, they can work to offboard any private, non-work related information they may be storing there to a separate 1Password account under their control. When they've already left the company like in the scenario you've described, that complicates things a little bit.

    My colleague Scott recently shared a good workaround for this situation involving account recovery which you can find at this link.

  • JRicafortJRicafort
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    Thanks a lot @ag_max

  • ag_maxag_max

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    You're very welcome! Let our team know if we can be of any help going forward.

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