[1P8] Unexpected Auto Fill behavior in Chrome (stable) and Chrome (beta)

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I've found two odd behaviors related to auto fill in Chrome (version 103.0.5060.71) and Chrome beta (version 104.0.5112.46).

First, in both cases, 1P is way too aggressive in making suggestions. As an example, I've chosen this forum with both the login screen and new post screen.

You can see it does get the correct suggestion that appears above the keyboard.

This same behavior is seen on other websites, including the Google search box.

Second, and this is unique to Chrome stable, the same login suggestion appears at the top for everything. I'm not sure if it's suggesting my email address and just happens to say PayPal or if it's actually suggesting PayPal.

Chrome Beta doesn't display this particular quirk.


  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hello @ethomp, that drop down menu is from 1Password 7 for Android accessibility filling, not 1Password 8. You can unlock 1Password 7, tap Settings > Autofill then tap Accessibility off to stop that menu from popping up. The drop down appearing in the Chrome search bar or fields other than logins is a bug specific to 7.9.4.Beta-1.

    That being said, it shouldn't display your PayPal item. If you open your PayPal item in 1Password 7 for Android is there anything saved in the website or Linked app fields other than the PayPal website and app?

  • ethompethomp
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    Ah, that's much better!

    I used Android years ago (in conjunction with iOS), but my Android phone bit the dust, so I've been away a few Android releases...

    Somehow PayPal did get associated with Chrome (but not Chrome beta). When I was last using Android on a regular basis, I was primarily in the Dev channel, which explains why I didn't notice it at the time...

    I thought I had disabled the accessibility options (after reading a thread here), but apparently I missed it.

    I've deleted 1P 7 to avoid further confusion. Or to paraphrase Monty Python, those responsible for setting the permissions have been sacked...

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    @ethomp, nobody expects the... accessibility filling. Somehow that doesn't quite have the same ring 😂. Either way, I'm glad we got this one sorted! Thanks again for your diligent testing!

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