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Hello ,
I currently have a scim bridge for 1password .
It is currently unused but is in place.
I recently received a message telling me that the let's encrypted certificate had to be renewed, I thought that the renewal was automatic
Can you tell me how to do the certificate renewal

I on an AKS platform

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  • Hi there.

    The reminder emails you receive are usually a courtesy from the Let's Encrypt service to notify you that your certificate will need to be renewed soon.

    However, the SCIM bridge should automatically take care of that for you before the expiration date arrives. No further action from you should be necessary for that to happen.

    If you do notice that the certificate doesn't automatically renew after the expiration date, feel free to reach out again, and we'll be happy to help investigate it with you.

  • lauwiks
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    Hello ag_alice_t

    I come back to you because my certificate has not been renewed

  • Hi @lauwiks. I'm De Ville and I'm part of the provisioning team.

    I'm sorry that your certificate renewal did not complete automatically as expected.

    Can you please confirm which version of the SCIM bridge do you currently have deployed? The latest available version is 2.5.0.

    There may be some fixed related to the Let's Encrypt certificate renewal that could be affecting your SCIM bridge's ability to renew.

  • lauwiks
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    Hello De ville,
    I'm currently on 2.3.1
    What is the procedure for updating a Scim bridge.
    I'm on a container on AKS

  • Hi @lauwiks!

    For AKS we have a couple of guides:

    Let us know how it goes and if you get stuck on any of the steps.

    As of typing this the latest available version of the SCIM bridge is 2.5.1.

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