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I resisted changing to the subscription service but finally gave in and all seemed well. So, I had my girlfriend do the same. All was well until today. On her iPhone, FaceID doesn’t even attempt to work and her password doesn’t work either. Fortunately, she never changed her Mac or iPad over. That alone is scary since they haven’t been syncing. However, she can get into those old, non subscription, versions which is saving her. I am trying to help her but just ran into the no phone support and no chat issue. I did submit a case but no reply yet. She doesn’t know her secret key and none of her devices will bring up a website login that doesn’t require it. It did show an active account and that the last login was yesterday. Any ideas?

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    Hello @SR22pilot! 👋

    I'm sorry to hear that your girlfriend is unable to unlock 1Password on her iPhone. You mentioned that you had written in, have you received a reply yet over email or do you know the ticket number? You'll see the ticket number in the subject of the email thread. Please post that ticket number here and I can get this chased for you.

    If your girlfriend has access to her 1Password account on another device then she can locate her sign in information there. Search for a 1Password Account item in her vault. She should see her 1Password account password and Secret Key there.

    I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

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    The problem is that she can’t access her account. All of them request her secret code which she doesn’t know and she didn’t do an emergency kit. I haven’t had a reply to my request for support. Apparently she put in a request for support and got a reply. However, she clearly left information out since the reply was the standard stuff on how to find her secret number. Her request is [#IKX-27618-339]. I told her to tell them:

    You have no emergency kit. We tried all of your devices and no access without secret key. You can’t get it from your app since you can’t get in.

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    I see my colleague Joshua has replied to you/her. In order to prevent duplication of efforts please continue the discussion via email. I am going to close this to prevent that duplication.

    ref: IKX-27618-339

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