Item Titles/Text Getting Cut Off (Truncated), When Viewing Item In Full. Can This Get A Fix?

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edited July 2022 in iOS

I’d like to be able to see the full title of my item, as it sometimes contains important information. However, there’s no option to view the title in full. Such as hovering/tapping it. Also, in 1Password 7, if a text field was “too long”, the app would simply render the text to a new line, and not actually get cut off. I was hoping that functionality would make its way to the desktop app, but instead, it’s the opposite and now being removed from the 1P8 iOS app. And I’d like to be able to rearrange fields. Can we please bring that functionality back? In other words, I’d like the text to not be cut off, when a text field, or title, in an item is long.

Please see picture for the first part of my post.


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