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Syncing phone & Macs

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I'm having a lot of trouble getting my accounts to work between my phone and computer. I have a license for 1Password 7 and I can get my phone to work just fine.

But my computer is really messing me up. Every time I'm prompted to put in my password it pops up with a little "welcome to 1Password, buy a subscription" thing that you need to close approximately 6 times before it goes away.

I've also had issues with my secret key since I can't manage to find it from when I first bought my license a few years ago.

I really just want to be able to use my subscription that I already paid for on my computer and phone without having an annoying pop up ad every 3 seconds. It's also annoying that I can add new passwords on my phone but nothing new is allowed on my computer.

1Password Version: 7
Extension Version: 7.3
OS Version: Mac OS Monterey 12.4
Browser:_ Safari


  • joshua_1pjoshua_1p

    Team Member

    Hey @Whatalad2000

    I would be glad to help you with this. To avoid exposing any confidential information, I have reached out to you via email. This will allow us to go into greater detail about getting things sorted out. Please respond to the email once you receive it! :)

    ref: PCW-77527-197

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