Connect CLI to 1P desktop without using system authentication

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would it be possible to connect the CLI app with the 1Password desktop without using system authentication on Linux?
In the sense that instead of prompting me to use my linux user password, I would prefer 1password prompting me to enter my 1Password master password instead.
If I recall correctly this is how it works on the Mac.

My use case would be then as follows:

Log into Linux
Start 1Password GUI and authenticate.
Run a script which calls several op commands.

This all works with biometric unlock ticked, however whenever 1password locks again it asks for my linux password to unlock.
This happens on browser as well as the cli.

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    Hi @N33T! Thanks for reaching out. It seems you are using 1Password with biometric unlock enabled. For a computer/OS that allows the use of biometrics (such as fingerprint) it will use that to authenticate, but for your Linux system it appears that it defaults to the system's password instead. If you opt out of biometric unlock, then 1P will ask for your master password again. We are working on improving the prompting experience in this sense. Hope this helps for now. Please feel free to follow up if you have further questions.

    All the best,

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