Will the 1Password SSH Agent support OpenPGP Smartcards?

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Since the release of 1Password 8, I've been able to move most of my SSH keys into my 1Password vault and use the built-in SSH agent, which is a feature I absolutely love.

I've been using the GnuPG gpg-agent to authenticate with a private key which is stored on an OpenPGP Smartcard (Yubikey). I use the key on this smartcard for SSH and a subkey for commit signing.

Is there a plan for the 1Password SSH Agent to support OpenPGP Smart Cards? Currently it seems my only option is to run both GnuPG and 1Password agents alongside each other.

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  • floris_1Pfloris_1P

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    What is it that you're looking for? Yubikey support in general as an additional authentication factor for security purposes, or are you mostly just looking for a way to sign commits using 1Password?

  • noevidenznoevidenz
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    I'd like to add an identity to the ssh agent for a private key which is stored on an external hardware token instead of in a 1Password vault.

    I have several keys stored in 1Password and would like to use the built in ssh agent, however because I have a private key on my Yubikey which cannot be imported into 1Password, I have to run the GnuPG ssh-agent as well in order to access that key.

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