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Hi I hope I'm not missing something but I would find it very nice if you could have a category "Recent Watchtower alerts/events" to make you aware of a recent security breach on a website/service you use. Similar to the recent addition to the app "Tips".

AFAIK you only learn about new Watchtower alerts when you actively look into the WT tab or if you happen to use one of the affected items.
Of course this could very well be a Layer8 problem and I'm just using it wrong

1Password Version: 8.8.0 (80800210)
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  • Hi @Manaburner, this is a great suggestion and it's one that we've been thinking about. You're right that (currently) the only way to view Watchtower alerts is either to:
    a) Go to the Watchtower Dashboard and tap on the alert category you're interested in, or
    b) Go to a specific item to see if it contains a Watchtower banner

    Neither of these are great for getting notified, and this is something I'd love to make better. We don't have anything to announce at this point but our apps are going to keep getting better, and this would be another great improvement. 😉

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    Thank you @ag_andrew for confirming I'm not the issue here :) Looking forward to seing this in the app some time

  • @Manaburner My pleasure. Me too!

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