If I add someone who already has 1Password as a guest to my account, how does that work?

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I have sent an invitation for someone to be a guest to my 1Password account, and this person already has her own 1Password account (a separate family) How will this work? Will the vault that I've invited her to show up as a vault in her account or is it a completely separate thing? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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  • @amyfaucher

    It would be like an entirely separate account. They would have a new password and Secret Key for the guest account within your account. It will appear in the apps as a second account in the app sidebar etc..

  • amyfaucher
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    Thanks for all this info. Maybe we will try it out and see how it works and report back. Might be just too complicated to deal with.

  • The accounts can share the same password if desired. Then you would only need to make a record of the Secret Key for safe keeping. It's likely easier than it sounds. 😊

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