Feature request: Sort items by website domain and subdomain

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Hello everyone,
I would like to be able to sort the list of items by domain and/or subdomain.
I started using 1P and have imported more than 3,000 logins (some items since the beginning of the internet).
Now I'm organizing them, and for each item, I have to press cmd+opt+f to search for other logins from the same domain to be able to see them all.
Thank you.

1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 12.4
Browser:_ Not Provided
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  • leofonseca
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    I learned that this was a feature on early versions.
    I don't known if it is in the backlog of 1P 8.x.
    The thing is I managed to clear and organize all my logins using Excel, and then importing to 1P.

  • ag_tommy
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    We do have a feature request for this and I'll be happy to add your voice to it. Thanks for letting us know this matters to you.

    ref: IDEA-I-289

  • axel23
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    @leofonseca For a more convenient organization of your data, I would use the previous version. There's a diverse selection of sorts. You can download it from the AppStore , by the way , these versions will not conflict with each other

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