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We just upgraded to 1PW8 at work thanks to the awesome new MSI installer- it was a real smooth upgrade, so thanks for that! However, it seems like there's been a fairly big (to us) change in functionality and I wanted to see if this was on the team's radar (or if there is a way to get the old functionality back). A bit about our use-case:

We're an MSP. We have a vault for each of our clients (~80-90 vaults). Our techs work out of these vaults, and the most important items in each vault are favorited. Our techs use these items all the time. Previously, when we needed to access these favorites for a particular client, we'd navigate to the client's vault and then choose "Favorites", which would show us what we expected- the favorites for that particular vault.

In 1PW8, it seems like vault selection and filtering by Favorites are mutually exclusive. When we click into a vault and then select "Favorites", we see the favorites for all vaults. This can become pretty confusing as we've named a lot of things between vaults with the same name, since we previously were able to filter by favorites per vault. I know that there's a new "Collections" feature which we've used a bit for some other use-cases, but it doesn't really seem to be a good replacement for this one, as we'd have to each individually create collections per customer. That seems a little wonky- if we have 80 customers with 80 vaults, then each user would have to create 80 collections manually :(

Is there any 1PW8 workflow that I'm not aware of to solve the use-case that we have here? So far the best I can find is sorting items by frequency used, which is "okay" but not really ideal compared to the way things worked prior to 1PW8. Other than that I'm kind of at a loss. I really like the 1PW8 redesign, but this particular thing has been a bit of a drag

1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: 2.3.7
OS Version: Windows 10 21H2
Browser:_ Edge 103.0.1264.71


  • Scott.S_1PScott.S_1P

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    Hello @computeruser,

    I'm Scott on the 1Password support team. It's nice to meet you. :wave:

    Thanks for writing in to share your use case and feedback about favorites in 1Password 8. I can see why accessing favorites on a per-vault basis is important for your team. At the moment, there isn't a way to change the behavior you are seeing, but I'll be sure to share your feedback with the team for their consideration.

    I'd also like to highlight the new Search filters in 1Password 8. With the new search filters, power users like your team can have some more control over their search results in the 1Password apps. For example, you might search for =favorite: tinkertown to see see any favorites in your account which match the search term tinkertown, for a hypothetical client named Tinkertown. There are also filters for tags, categories, and vaults.

    When giving these search filters a try, keep a few things in mind:

    • Specify the filter before the search term. =vault:Private test would work, but test =vault:Private would not.
    • Be sure to include a search term. =vault:Private by itself won't work.
    • When viewing a vault, you can automatically scope a search to that vault by pressing Cmd-F (on Mac) or Ctrl-F (on Windows). Try it out and you'll see the =vault: filter added to the search bar.

    I hope this helps smooth out the workflow for your team. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other comments or feature requests.


    ref: IDEA-I-1449

  • computerusercomputeruser
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    Hi Scott! I think this might work as a stopgap, but I have a feeling I'll be getting a lot of gripes and groans from my team if I tell them they have to resort to manually typing in search filters 😫. I'll play around with it though and pray that the team decides that there's something here worth working on πŸ™

  • Scott.S_1PScott.S_1P

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    I hesitate to suggest changing your workflow too much, but there is another way to get the exact functionality you are looking for: Browse the per-client vaults online on 1Password.com / .ca / .eu. When viewing a vault online, each vault is accessed individually and will show the favorites for that single vault. The downside here is that usernames, passwords, and other login info need to be manually copy/pasted when logging in.

    I'm not sure if your team will find that better or worse than the search filters, but it's an option for those that prefer it.

    I hope this information helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any further questions!

  • computerusercomputeruser
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    you know what, that's not a half bad idea! most of us already have a ton of pinned tabs for all the web apps we use, what's one more πŸ˜›

  • computerusercomputeruser
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    Oh also one other thing I noticed in a similar vein- it seems like when you select a specific vault, the tags on the sidebar are the combined list of tags from all vaults. Like with favorites, it would be nice to be able to see a filtered view that's applicable just to the vault I'm looking at.

    (Admittedly though, our tagging scheme is not great/inconsistent and could use some work πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ)

  • Scott.S_1PScott.S_1P

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    you know what, that's not a half bad idea! most of us already have a ton of pinned tabs for all the web apps we use, what's one more

    I feel this so much. Don't mind me cleaning up some "extra" tabs real fast... 😁

    it seems like when you select a specific vault, the tags on the sidebar are the combined list of tags from all vaults.

    Indeed you correct about how tags are currently displayed in 1Password 8. As with the favorites, the search filters or online views I suggested earlier may serve as a work around, but I'll update the feature request I've created to include tags and favorites.

    Thanks for the great feedback, @computeruser

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