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This is all very good having these fancy long randomized pswds on 1pswd, but now I can only log in to my sites on my own devices as I'm not going to remember the passwords on a foriegn phone or PC. Any work around or this the limitation we accept?


  • DenalBDenalB
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    Hi @seanpk !

    When using other devices, I open in the browser. Here I have to enter my credentials and the secret key. The credentials of my account are in my mind and the secret key is in my iOS app. So I'm able to log in and copy / paste credentials into the website.

    If I need to use credentials where I'm not able to use the browser, I don't use a randomized password for this service. So I'm able to type it into the login fields from my iOS app.

    Yes, that is the disadvantage. But when you get used to it and when safety is important, it works quite well. 👍

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    Always be cautious of remote devices when logging in, especially public devices. The best device to use is one you control access to. This will help you remain safe and secure.

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