I upgraded to 1pw8 and most (not all) of my entries have been duplicated! HELP

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I started with 500+ entries in my private vault (I have a family account). I followed the instructions to upgrade to 1PW8 (from 1PW7). Now my private vault has >900 with many duplicates. I've been using 1PW since version 4 or so and this is the most frustrating upgrade I've experienced. I can't even see how to generate a PW for this support community site! (I had to make one up manually.)

I don't know WHY dupes were created for some (but not all) of my items, and more importantly, HOW do I purge them?

1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: 2.3.7
OS Version: 12.4
Browser:_ safari 15.5
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  • dberry
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    edited July 2022

    It seems that many the duplicates all have a field labeled "This Item has an Unsupported Field" only when viewed from the 1PW website (not in the Mac App). The Duplicate doesn't give the warning, but says "related item Imported attachment". In the Mac App the actual attachment shows up in one copy as the tif file, and in the other as a related item (but a slightly different tif file.)

    I suspect this is related to the STUPID way attached files were handled in going from 1PW6 to 1PW7 when files seemed to be dissociated from the original item.

    Also In the Mac App the dupes seem to be related by different dates edited. For example, there are 3 versions of 1 item, all created in 2013, but one edited in 2015, one in 2019, and one in 2022. THIS IS NUTS.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi @dberry,

    Sorry to hear you're seeing duplicate items in 1Password 8 for Mac. I've replied to your email regarding the issue, so please keep an eye out for that. To avoid any miscommunication or doubling up of resources, we can continue our conversation there. 🙂

    ref: WJV-91687-694

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