Removed from the beta and unable to rejoin

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Hi. I was removed from the beta and now I can't rejoin it. How do I get the latest beta release?

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  • @snowmen

    If you were removed from the beta the best suggestion I can provide is to watch the sign up link for any available openings. At this time all the spots are full.

    Join the 1Password 8 - Password Manager beta - TestFlight - Apple

  • snowmen
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    Hi. I'm doing this for 4-6 weeks now every day but no luck. If you remove people from the beta can you tell me when will be the next time you're going to do that so I can try then?

  • When inactive testers are removed those spots don't actually open up until the last build the person installed expires. This pushes out the timeline for getting new testers onboard significantly. We're evaluating how to best handle this going forward but as it stands checking the link would be the best option I can suggest. I'm sorry I don't have better news. Stay vigilant.

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