In app dark mode setting gone from 1Password 8.9.0?

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Recently decided to give 1Password 8 a go in Android after a nudge dialog in 1Password 7.

I'm guessing I shouldn't have done this at night time, as I was blinded by a fully white UI. My phone itself has never had a reliable global dark mode setting, and I've relied upon an option in each app I use to provide dark mode as an option (which 1Password 7 did).

Is dark mode planned for 1Password 8 for Android as an option that one can select in app?

1Password Version: 8.9.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 9
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Hello @adfhogan, I hope your eyes have recovered! The theme in 1Password 8 for Android is currently set by the theme of your device. While I can't make any promises about the development of 1Password, adding this feature is an issue on our list thought it is currently set at a lower priority so it may not be available for some time.

    Thanks again! Let us know if there's anything we can help with.

    ref: dev/core/core#15541

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