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I am a long time user since version 2.0 came out, which was like around 2006 or so and I love 1password.
However after I upgraded to v8, I am completely puzzled by the new and clumsy UI and try to get accustomed to it. I was able to find workarounds for most of the missing features, so I can at least make use of the new version. However, I cannot get the search function to work correctly:

I have items with a certain naming convention, e. g. "abc-20220728" and so on. Up until v7 I was able to filter and search for "202207" to show me all items containg this string in their names. I cannot find these items in v8. I already built a collection containing all my vaults, so I can search in all the vaults at a single place, however, I cannot figure out how the search function works.
If I search for "abc-", the items shows up, albeit the search takes so much longer than in v7 where the matches showed up immediately.

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OS Version: macOS 12.5
Browser:_ Safari


  • viswiz
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    This problem is known at least since September 2021. Agilebits is still "evaluating" the situation. They've added some kind of workaround called 'find'. You can open 'find' cmd + opt +f or via menu. It works almost like the search in all previous versions. Sadly they haven't added an option to replace the totally broken search with find by default. For people relying of search 1PW8 is unusable.

  • Hi @Glacierman and @viswiz, there's some new substring search functionality in the latest Nightly release you might be interested in. If you'd like to try it out, we'd love to have your impressions!

  • CMYKirk
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    Damn, yes... I also often used the find feature that doesn't appear available now in Mac Version 8. You had to go to EDIT first in v7, but at least you could use the workaround to find a keyword within a note or LogIn... now you can't!?!

    We NEED a search feature that is decent, this was... now it is gone! This MUST be fixed... it was an important issue for many of us. It was my main gripe about 1PassWord until I was told about the workaround... now the problem is back!

  • MatthewTaylor
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    Version 8 has been out for a LONG time. It's concerning that search is still not up to the basic functionality it had in V7.
    I have over 1100 passwords. Half were imported long ago and the other half created in 1PW as I work. My naming convention was also based on what worked in LastPass and then worked fine in 1PW previous to version 8.
    I can no longer filter as I type. The 10 or so top picks are not enough, especially as I stop typing when I've found what I want. And then there has been the substring problem. The substring feature is only just now available in a nightly beta build?
    I don't have a problem with switching to Electron, There are a lot of great apps built on Electron. It's the features that get thrown away and not rebuilt. I know for a fact good search is possible in Electron with custom code. Visual Studio Code is an Electron app. Try that search to see how nice that is. Or.. try 1PW V7 search :)
    My work around was to install V7. Luckily it's still available and working. I hope it remains available until V8 search is feature-complete.

  • ckwQTPncm9dzg1umf
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    I just got a notification in my 1pw7 IOS that 1pw8 is available. First thing I tried to do was a sub-string search to find a login and I stumble upon this regression from previous 1pw versions where sub-string searches do not work as expected.

    My situation was that I was looking for a web login (amongst over 1200) so I could refer to the notes section in that login

    In previous versions I can search by any text I might remember in say the login title/name, 1pw8 seems like a step backwards for search.

    Please get good search functionality out of BETA and into the release channel soon, I will be uninstalling 1pw8 and regressing to 1pw7 as 1pw8 does not work for me as is.

  • Hi @ckwQTPncm9dzg1umf:

    Substring search is available in pre-release builds of 1Password 8 for desktop. While I can't share specifics of when it will be available in the production release of 1Password 8 for desktop or mobile, I'm hopeful it will be soon. Thanks for your feedback!


  • Hi folks, we have an update to share on this!

    Substring search matching has now made it to the latest Production build of 1Password. To take advantage of this functionality, update to version 8.9.4 or newer, and you will be good to go.

    I hope this comes as welcome news, and as always we're happy to have your feedback on the latest changes!

  • markdelliott
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    Search remains much worse than it used to be on 8.9.4, friends.

    e.g. the find functionality won't accept 'bus ink' for my business ink card. needs me to type it out. The new search bar is so much worse than v7. come on, guys. this is very expensive software that most of us rely on heavily. this is a huge waste of people's time. reverting to old behavior much preferred.

    The closest thing I've worked out so far is cmd-F -> type -> cmd-enter. so awkward.

  • @markdelliott

    Sorry for the trouble. We've got an issue filed for this behavior.

    ref: dev/core/core#17848

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