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We recently implemented 1Password for all employees and it seems the authentication session lasts for about 10mins for the web client.

Are theses session durations configurable and/or are they documented?

  • Authentication for Mac, Windows extension
  • MFA session

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    Hello @otokun,

    I'm Scott on the 1Password support team. It's nice to meet you. :wave:

    You are totally right. Authentication sessions within 1Password are configurable. Check out our guide on How to set 1Password to lock automatically, which covers directions for (and .ca and .eu), the 1Password apps, and 1Password in the browser. All of the settings are per user, and per app or browser session.

    When it comes to two-factor authentication in 1Password, the answer can vary depending on how a team or business is setup with 1Password.

    • If a team member uses 1Password's built in two-factor authentication, they are only prompted for their second factor when logging in with a new device or browser session. They typically won't be asked for two-factor authentication again on a known device that is already logged in.
    • There are additional options to Manage two-factor authentication in 1Password Business, such as enforcing two-factor authentication requirements, and controlling what types of authenticators can be used.
    • In 1Password business accounts using Duo MFA integration, all team members are prompted to authenticate with Duo once every 1 to 30 days, on every device (or browser session), depending on how the team is configured within 1Password and within Duo. If your team uses Duo, please email [email protected] and we can privately discuss any specifics.

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any further questions.

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