iPad HW Keyboard shortcuts don't work (eg. ⌘+F for Search)

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Bug report overview

Throughout the beta period, the KB Shortcuts Overlay accessed by holding CMD on an attached Magic Keyboard (or any other connected hardware keyboard), shows that you should be able to hit ⌘ F to navigate to the Search tab, however this has never worked. Hopefully this can soon be rectified, along with better keyboard navigation in general (switching between Collections, navigating item lists with arrow keys, fields with Tab key, etc). Without this functionality, the accessibility of the app is severely hampered, especially for those who might rely on such features to be able to use the app at all.

Expected Result:

I expected ⌘F to activate the Search item from the iPadOS Sidebar (or the Search tab from the Slide Over/iPhone single-column UI layout).

Actual Result:

⌘F does nothing.
Apart from Showing/Hiding Sidebar with ⌃⌘ S (which works as expected), the only other available item that appears in the KB Shortcuts Overlay is Cancel Search ⌘Period; this one doesn't work either, even when an active search is in progress.

Ideal Solution:

Once keyboard shortcuts are fully implemented, I propose a slight tweak to the UI (on iOS but especially on iPadOS where external keyboard use is a lot more common). Having a dedicated Search area is fine, although I do feel that it adds some needless UI clutter especially on larger iPads.

A much better option would be to have context-sensitive search fields at the top of every item list throughout 1PW (potentially hidden until the list is scrolled above the top item, or until activated with the Search KB Shortcut). This is standard behavior in just about every other iOS app.

If the dedicated Search section were to remain as is (for searching through All Items and navigated to with ⌘F), then there should be an additional shortcut added for Find, identical to the behavior of ⌥⌘F in 1Password 8 Desktop. This shortcut would place the cursor within the new search field at the top of the current vault/tag/category item list, and allow searching/filtering within the current context (as if =vault:Current Vault were in play).

The inability to perform vault-specific searches without having to manually type the clunky =vault: prefix is the primary reason 1PW 7 remains my go-to version on iPad, as it's otherwise very difficult to find what I need searching through the thousands of items across our 70+ vaults.

1Password Version: 8.9.0-1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 16b4
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Ricky_1PRicky_1P

    Team Member

    Hello @imaldonado thank you so much for your detailed feedback!

    We are currently working on the keyboard shortcuts and they will come in a future release, stay tuned for those!

    I have added your detailed feedback into our internal tracking tool feel free to discuss that once we add the keyboard shortcuts in a future update.

    Again thank you so much for your input we really appreciate your thoughts!

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