1password does not populate (auto filling) username/password in Google Pixel 6A

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I recently switched my phone from Google Pixel 3A XL to Google Pixel 6a. The problem I started facing immediately was the 1Password stopped auto filling username/password. e.g in my Bank Of America app, I could see 1Password popup and I was able to authenticate with my biometric credentials, but it failed to populate username/password in the app.

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    Hello @realdeal, thanks for joining us on the community forum! I'm sorry to hear about the issue with the Bank of America app.

    I did some testing with the Bank of America app and I found that I could only fill the user id field. While testing I noticed a warning from BofA about detecting a screen overlay as well as a "contents can't be Autofilled" toast when trying to force Autofill which suggests to me there may be some interference from the app. Is this the only app where you've seen the behavior you described or have you seen similar filling behavior consistently on your Pixel 6? Thanks again!

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