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I just switched from LastPass but I'm missing a few features they had :(

A major one I'm sad to not have, is AFTER a successful log in, a little message would slide over at the top asking if I wanted to save (or update) the password. This is way more convenient than hitting save before logging in when you're not really sure that's the correct password.

Also, when filling form fields with 1Password information, it is SO ANNOYING to have to click "OK" on the prompt to fill it. I clicked it, of course I want to fill it! This makes me want to just use Chrome's info instead :(

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  • DenalB
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    Hi @marlicreeach !

    There are already feature requests for both of your points, and there are a lot of people who want to have these features, too. So, hopefully they will be realized in the near future. So stay tuned for more. 😉

  • @marlicreeach

    Do you have 1Password in the browser installed? Do you have it set to save passwords? Right-click the browser toolbar icon > settings and look for autofill. Are these options enabled?

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