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Having a problem to connect my fb acct on my tablet when I was in level 234 always saying that fbconnect://success#access_token=CAACZCwCGi5JABAMzZC4lVoQoazIqvRCksLKdSVifoE0ZBxOzIyeutrHpdmUIXV6zZAZCPuY4CfclUtHpa0SYdfiA8poJ6VxiJoKfLDmQcrz3tuX3awFccBEPtEi9Hu33ZCcYWeduUQAhE29GZA61kEMXy7LSflZBdZAvcv6bg6sksOgZDZD&expires_in=5183070
Plssss how can I fix it


  • khadkhad
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    Hi @areen,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us. Do you mean that you are trying to open that fbconnect:// URL in 1Password's built-in browser? And, just to make sure, by "tablet" do you mean iPad?

    Please let me know. Thanks!

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