Don’t have secret key or emergency kit - now what?!

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I had to have my iPhone reset today at the apple store and now I’m unable to access any of my passwords on this app THAT IS NOT FREE!

Where is customer service?! Where is support?! If a service is paid for and the company providing the service can reasonably expect its customers to need access and/or have problems at any time during any day, customer service should be available - and not just via email! or worse - A BOT!!

I don’t have my secret key and I never downloaded the emergency kit - and now I can’t access anything. This is ridiculous.

I’ve sent a tweet and a direct message on Twitter with no response. I need help now.


  • tefloteflo
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    Do you have any other device that is logged into 1Password? If so, you can use that device to recovery the secret key.

    If you don't and you don't have your Emergency Kit, it's gone for good. 1Password staff are not be able to do anything to recover your master password, secret key or generate another emergency kit. This is by design for security.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I see my colleague Sully has responded to your email request. Continuing that conversation will be the best path toward resolution here. To avoid duplicating efforts, I'm going to close this thread, but please reply to Sully when you can. Thanks.


    ref: YUU-24786-159

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