Adding multiple tags annoyance.

When I edit an item to add multiple tags, there is an issue with the behavior. When I click the "+ Add tag" entry, it correctly displays the list of tags to choose from (and also allows me to enter a new tag if I so desire). Once entered, it auto advances focus to a new "+ Add tag" field, which does not display the list of tags. To see the list of tags, I must either deselect and then reselect the field; or enter the letter of a tag I desire and then select the entry; either way, it is annoying and not intuitive.

I assume, the software doesn't auto display the list because you didn't want that behavior when the user was only adding a single tag. That's fine, but when the user specifically clicks on this new field, I'd recommend you pop-up the list. i.e. it should disregard the fact the field already has focus, and allow the user's click to trigger the display of the list.

1Password Version: 80900011
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win10
Browser:_ Not Provided

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