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How can I store the expiration date of a login account and set a remider about it?

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  • Hello @stefanocattaneo,

    Thanks for your message. I can see where in this use case, an expiration date and alert for expiring password would be useful.

    Currently, only certain types of items support expiration dates such as licenses, passports and credit cards. Alerts and reminder's for those types of items are handed through Watchtower.

    While I can't make any promises, we're looking into ways of expanding this feature out to other item types and I've included your thoughts on this in the feature request we're currently tracking. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

    ref: IDEA-I-551

  • stefanocattaneo
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    Thank you Mike, I look forward for the new feature!

  • Hi @stefanocattaneo, you're welcome! We can't make any guarantees when (or if) this type of feature will make it over to other items such as logins, but please keep an eye out for updated features through our release notes. Have a great day!

  • sqlgeek
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    If you are taking votes on this for future releases I would like to add mine to this request.

  • Hey @sqlgeek, thanks for your comment. I've added your vote to the existing request 👍


    ref: IDEA-I-551

  • bonizak
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    Please add my vote to include an expiration for Logins etc. While I've read that NIST does not believe in the value of expiring passwords, it is still something used by many systems. As someone who must regularly update passwords for many, many accounts, I heavily rely on an expiration field to ensure I change those passwords before expiring .. especially if they are scheduled to expire while I am away from work.

  • ag_mike_d
    edited December 2022

    Hello @bonizak,

    Thanks for your feedback regarding your desire to include expiration dates for Logins.

    As noted above, we're tracking this request as a way to possibly handle this through Watchtower and I've passed along your comments to the Product team.

    In the meantime, could you let us know how you are currently handling the management of expiring passwords? Any other details you can provide would be most helpful. We appreciate your time!

    ref: 29479356

  • bonizak
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    For most ids on servers, I use a spreadsheet ( yep, really old school ). For web and internal app logins, I created a date field in 1Password I called Expiring, and I manually check, when I remember, the expiration date. And then of course, any that expire after x-days, if, I miss the expiration, they just expire and prompt for a new password.

  • Hello again @bonizak,

    I appreciate the quick response about how you're currently handling expiring passwords. I have provided these additional details to the Product team.

    Thanks again for taking the time to provide your suggestions and to help improve 1Password!

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