1Password 8 Bug(?) - Copying field name copies field value instead

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Hello 1Password people!

I've found a bug that I can reproduce persistently, but I wanted to add it here instead of through support, to better understand if this is something anyone else is experiencing.

On 1Password 8 (8.8.0, build 80800203) for Mac from the production channel, copying a custom field name, from within a custom named section, results in the clipboard receiving a field value, but not necessarily the field value corresponding to the named field. I can reproduce this on both the Secure Note and Login Item entry types. While I can reproduce the behavior, I cannot get the behavior to reproduce reliably; that is, this beh.

For example:

  • I have a Secure Note (let's call it "Item A").
  • I have a custom named section in Item A, as well as a custom named field of the password type.
  • I have a Login Item (let's call it "Item B").
  • I have a number of custom named sections in Item B, as well as a custom named field of the password type.

Item A was created in the (current) shipping build of OPM7, and Item B was created with OPM3 (!!!), for what it's worth.

When I'm in edit mode for either type of entry, and I attempt to highlight and copy a custom field name, I instead get custom field content. At first, when I discovered this bug with Item A, I thought that it was simply copying the field value instead of the field name, from a single set. Item A has only one field set (aside from the built-in notes section), in one custom section. However, when I tried with Item B, I found that the clipboard was receiving a field value from a different set (within the same item) when I tried to copy a field name.

I haven't yet tried to reproduce on the Windows production or iOS beta build of 1Password 8 and report back when I can.

1Password Version: 8.8.0 (80800203) (Prod)
Extension Version: N/A
OS Version: macOS 11.6.7 (20G630)
Browser:_ N/A

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