Allow access to ssh key using keyboard only

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Conceptually I like 1Password's ssh agent, but when 1password is not open, the dialog

1Password is trying to allow "xxx" to use the key "yyy" for SSH

will open above other windows, but will not be focused. And when the main 1password window is not also open, there is no way to Cmd-Tab to it either. Is there any other way to bring focus to it using only the keyboard? (Even better would be if there was a way to allow access directly using only a single keyboard shortcut)

Related, but different issue:

1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: n/a
OS Version: 12.4
Browser:_ n/a


  • d8kda
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    +1, on MacOS and I'd really like to have focus the dialog focused automatically when it pops up so I don't have to use the mouse.

  • Thanks for the suggestion @danmichaelo and @d8kda! We're working on UX improvements around prompting which should resolve this issue that you are describing. Stay tuned!

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