Am I safe from Simm card swap scam?

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Recent news says phone Simm card replacements are received from duped cell providers. Then loaded into other phone, then accounts wiped out. That's all I know. Would/will 1password prevent this?

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    Thanks in advance!

  • @Harry3

    If you were to use temporary one time passwords and not SMS code then we can likely help. The feature negates the need to use SMS and by doing so you should not be subject to the type of attack you reference. The features ability is highly depend on the site. A large portion of them do offer this, but not all. You would need to check with the site. The following set of instructions can help. I highly encourage you to print out or record the backup codes too. They are vitally important for the accounts protection. When you set up the feature on the site in question, they will provide you the backup codes.

    Use 1Password as an authenticator for sites with two-factor authentication

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