1Password 8 for iOS Beta #1!

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Hello iOS Beta Testers!

This release marks our first Beta channel release! There's some nice fixes here for some bugs that did not make the cut into the first production build. Thank you for helping us get to this point!

By the way if you want to switch to the production channel you can do so here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/1password-8-password-manager/id1511601750

Thank you so much for testing and for all of your feedback so far. We really hope you enjoy this week's updates. Please share your experiences in the 1Password Support Community. https://1password.community/categories/1password-ios-beta-builds

  • We've fixed the supported languages for 1Password in the iOS settings.
  • We've updated the titles for the Customize Home and Customize Items screens.
  • We've fixed an issue the caused the item creation screen to disappear if you go to the iOS Home screen.
  • We've improved the experience of customizing the Home and Items tabs.
  • We've fixed an issue that caused the Edit button to not work when an item was opened in AutoFill.
  • The correct document size will now be reported when adding a file to an item.
  • We've updated the empty Home screen to be more vertically aligned.

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