1Password 8 where?

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When I opened the app (beta 7.9.7) I see a prompt to try 1 password 8 but when I visit the App Store it says the latest version is also 7.9.7 updated 6 days ago.

I’m not sure what the issue is here but I see no version 8 anywhere. Help help!!


  • basureritobasurerito
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    Version 8 is a new app, the 7.x branch has been updated and will probably reach EOL sometime in the near future ..

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi folks,

    We're aware 1Password 8 isn't appearing near the top of the search results, even when searching for 1Password. Our team is investigating what we can do on our end to improve this. As basurerito mentioned you can get it using the direct link:

    1Password 8 on the App Store



  • quidlxixquidlxix
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    Thanks for the replies Gents! Not a huge issue I was just a bit confused when following the in app message to try 8. It took me to the 1Password iOS page and the download link took me to the App Store preview page rather than a direct link to the App Store.

    That’s when I did the search and it gave me the current version 7. I should’ve added the # 8 in there. Perhaps it would’ve found it had I tried that but at the time I was unaware both versions were available. Thanks again for the clarification.

    I was on beta 7.9.7 by the way.

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Glad to hear you were able to get it sorted @quidlxix. Feel free to get in touch if there's anything else we can help you with!


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