Please allow PIN unlock in 1P8 Android

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I don't use biometrics and entering my password every time is frustrating.

1Password Version: 8.9.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 12
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  • Hello @LLemon, thanks for writing in with this feedback. I've shared your interest in a PIN unlock feature with the team.

    ref: IDEA-I-1222

  • ThxForTheHelp
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    I’ll have to second this suggestion. My phone does not have a fingerprint sensor, it does have face unlock but the camera is damaged. Without the PIN it is laborious to use 1Password, I’ve had to immediately go back to using 1Password 7.

  • rollingtatoo
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    +1 to this. Also i've tried turning on fingerprint unlocking but it won't work, every time i turn it on the whole app shuts down (and then i have to re-enter my full long-ass master password...😤)

  • arbitraryreadwrite
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    I don't use biometrics. Please bring PIN Code to 1Password 8 for Android

  • plarguin
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    I use a Samsung Galaxy S6-Lite, it does not have fingerprint reader and the face unlock is not compatible with 1Password 8 (according to their answer via email). In addiction the face unlock from Samsung is very buggy it's working like 1/10 so I disabled it. My main password is exceptionally long so having to enter it each time I need to use 1Password make it very unfriendly. I was able to download back 1Password 7 from Google play store and I start to use it again because 1Password 8 is just not recommendable for those kinds of devices right now. Please bring back the pin code for 1Password 8.

  • @ThxForTheHelp, @rollingtatoo, @arbitraryreadwrite, @plarguin, thanks for sharing your feedback and letting us know why a PIN unlock option is important to you. Your feedback and +1s have been noted.

    rollingtatoo, I'm sorry to hear about this crash! I'd like to ask you to send an email into 1Password Support so we can help investigate further: [email protected].

    With your email please include:

    You should receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a Support ID number. Please post that number here. Thanks very much!

    ref: IDEA-I-1222

  • canbe
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    +1 for this. I use fingerprint unlock for my Samsung device but want/need a different unlock mechanism for my password universe...

    If someone manages to unlock my phone while I'm unaware then they can get in to my passwords at the same time. Adding PIN unlock adds an additional/different layer of protection for 1password.

  • plarguin
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    I think my previous post was pretty obvious why we need pin code back especially for devices not compatible with any other easy way to unlock 1Password 8. Entering a 30 characters + symbols with a virtual keyboard this is just pure torture. It can take me about 1 minutes to unlock 1Password because I must switch between letters, number, symbols which are not on the same layout of a virtual keyboard. In addition to that, I want 1Password to lock automatically like on my every other device. So, you guest It I have to waste so much time just to unlock 1Password with my Android device. That makes it not pleasant at all to use and not recommendable to my friends, I’m sorry.

    With my Windows PC, I can enter the same password in less than 5 seconds, but with my PC I do also have Windows hello and easy way to unlock 1Passoword with … wait for it “Yes a pin code”.

    I don’t understand why you remove it in the first place. It's not like you ever got it. It’s not a new feature we are asking back, it’s a mandatory feature to be able to use effectively your software. There are “Billions” of android devices out there for every budget target so there is plenty of devices without fingerprint nor face unlock and for that reason, I’m literally begging you to bring it back.


    Thank you!

  • rmcf28
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    +1 for PIN unlock. I don't use biometrics on any of my devices, and 1password 8 is intensely frustrating to use on my phone without the PIN option. I am reverting to the old app on my phone until this is fixed.

  • SyrusSilverkin
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    +1 for PIN unlock. Even for phones which do have biometrics, not everyone wants to use them for various reasons. A long safe password is painful to enter every time on a mobile, and had basically forced me back to 1password 7 until it gets added. Please add this in to 1password 8 😄

  • tabby93640
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    I don't use biometrics for anything.
    I will probably go back to old version until this is put back...

  • Hi @tabby93640, @SyrusSilverkin, @rmcf28 and @canbe. Thanks for continuing to share all this feedback! +1's have been added.

    @plarguin, thanks for taking the time to expand your earlier point. I can understand your frustration and I'm sorry this has kept you from upgrading to the new app.

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    With the v8 update, the app is now broken for people like me with a physical disability. I can’t place a finger on a fingerprint scanner nor point my phone at my face, so biometric security is unusable. On top of that, entering the Master Password is something I can only do once in a while since typing by joystick is very labor intensive. Until 1P8 is made accessible, I’ll be sticking with 1P7 and my PIN unlock.

  • Hello @ABCNCRR, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm sorry for the trouble this has caused.

    I've added your +1 and shared your feedback with the teams working on accessibility improvements. If you'd like to share any other feedback or there's anything we can help just let me know!

  • djblais
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    +1 for PIN unlock. I immediately installed 8 when it was available. I went right back to 7 the same day. Is there an update about when PIN unlock will/will not be set in version 8 ?

  • Hi @djblais, +1 added. Thanks for sharing your experience with us here. At this time, I do not have any updates to share. When we do, I'll make sure that information gets posted here. Thanks again!

  • sidh
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    I just found out that post :

    that explains how to install previous version (luckily, I'm an old enough 1password user for having a version 7 installed on another android device[1]

    So for now, I stick with version 7 until PIN is avalaible for newer version.

    [1] but relying on this method to install previous version is not good because a new 1password suscriber in the same situation could only have access to version 8.

    I just get a Samsung S7 FE tab (without fingerprint sensor) , before realizing face recognition was a weak authentication method, I tried to enable it on 1password, that made it crash (with the need to re type my looooooong password each time)

    I understand version 7.X has the PIN feature, where can I download the APK of the latest 7 version ?

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi @sidh, thanks for writing in.

    1Password 7 for Android is delisted from the Google Play Store. If you have not previously installed 1Password 7 for Android the app is no longer available. If you have previously installed 1Password 7 for Android, it should still be available through your Google Play app history. If there's an issue finding that there are a few different methods I would be happy to help with.

    We do not publish a 1Password 7 for Android APK and we cannot verify the authenticity of the app if it is installed from another source.

    Apologies if I misunderstood, has there been an issue with 1Password 7 for Android crashing on your tablet?

  • sidh
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    Hi @ag_timothy ,

    thx for your reply, version 7 is installed on samsung tablet and it is working , but I consider it as a temporary workaround (furthermore newer 1password user facing this problem don´t have this workaround). Do you know if 1password will re-implement PIN option in the next update ?

  • Hi @sidh, thanks for clarifying that for me.

    I'm sorry to say I do not have any information to share regarding when or if PIN unlock will be added to 1Password 8 for Android. Thank you for sharing your interest, I've passed it along to the team.

  • FireDragonDoL
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    Hello! Just adding onto this.
    Me and my wife just moved from Lastpass to 1password. We long planned this.

    My wife has a screen cover (glass) that essentially makes the fingerprint reader non-functional, unfortunately we can't remove that one since we have two children and the phone falls once per day.

    Unfortunately with 1password she will now need to either: change the master password to a shorter, unsafe one, or type a long password every time she uses 1password to insert passwords (error prone).
    I already increased the "keep unlocked" time to 30 minutes, but feel uncomfortable doing so.

    I'd highly vote for this feature: it could use a PIN, or the phone "sign" to unlock, this would make it straightforward.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  • robert1p
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    Out of curiosity, how would PIN Unlock work?

    • After reboot (or logout/login; e.g. Chromebook), I'd want to enter my 1pw before the PIN is automatically activated. [But maybe a Setting would allow users to disable this.]
    • After X number of failed attempts, I'd want the PIN deactivated; such that I must enter my 1pw before the PIN is activated again. [User's may want a Setting to control X.]
    • Would there be an option to have the PIN timeout? e.g. Y mins/hours/days. i.e. after the timeout, the PIN would be deactivated; after entering my 1pw it would be activated again.
    • Would there be a way to quickly select PIN deactivate; i.e. I don't want to wait for the timeout or I'm not using the timeout feature.
    • Would there be a minimum PIN length? e.g. 4 or 6? I assume the maximum length would be large; e.g. 20.
    • Would setting up the PIN (and/or Watchdog) warn against a poor PIN? e.g. 1111 or 1234
    • Would the PIN only be numeric, or can I have a character PIN? e.g. s#8J

    I have an interest in the PIN for the Chromebook, since 1PW does not support biometrics on the Chromebook.

  • Hi @FireDragonDoL, thanks for sharing your feedback.

    You raise a great use case here. I can certainly see the benefit of a PIN unlock option in this situation (and many others raised by folks here).

    As long as the account password is unique and random, the Secret Key does most of the heavy lifting. That being said, I understand that typing even a ten character password repeatedly can be a pain on small screens. I've shared your use case and "+1" with the team.

    Hi @robert1p, these are great questions and we are certainly considering some if not all of them as we discuss implementing PIN unlock on the mobile apps.

    At the moment, I don't have answers for any of these questions but I can share some context as to how PIN unlock worked with 1Password 7 for Android.

    With 1Passowrd 7, PINs were four numeric characters. You could set a PIN but it did not replace your account password to the same extent as Biometric unlock. With PIN unlock on, you could unlock 1Password with the PIN if the app was locked but still running in the background. If 1Password was removed from Recents, exited completely, the device restarted, the PIN was entered incorrectly enough times and in a few other situations, the account password was required to unlock the app.

    If PIN unlock returns to 1Password 8, I'm excited to see how we optimize the feature with a balance between security and usability. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I've passed them along to the team.

  • FireDragonDoL
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    Thank you for your response @ag_timothy

    I remember in a different password manager, when using the fingerprint reader (native), there was the option to "use sign" (the phone sign from the lock screen). That would be sufficient too, I'm not sure if that's of any help, I thought it would be handled natively by the phone.

    Either way, appreciated your time, having a response is really valuable, thank you 1password team.

  • FireDragonDoL raises an important feature design question.

    Do the requestors of this feature:

    (A) require an arbitrary PIN, because perhaps they're trying to keep folks who know their lock screen PIN from getting deeper access to their 1P credentials


    (B) are satisfied with the lock screen credential (which might be more secure under the hood)? And how many are on Android 11 or higher, meaning the latter could be implemented using Keystore's AUTH_DEVICE_CREDENTIAL, delivering some real security?

    My preference:

    B, yes (13)

  • robert1p
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    @ag_timothy, Thanks for the info.

    Regarding the "remove from Recent", I'd prefer that it not disable the PIN. Let it run in background and maintain PIN usability. I would expect Force Stop to disable, but not Recent. [Another case for a user Setting.]

  • You are very welcome @FireDragonDoL! Using some of the in-built unlock options such as PIN and pattern is a great idea and, to my knowledge, it's something we've looked into in the past as well.

    @arbitraryreadwrite thanks for the additional input here. From the conversations I've had there are a lot of unique use cases and I imagine it will be challenging to get it exactly right for everyone. If we implement PIN unlock, we will certainly be striving for a balance between convenience and security while taking in some of the points you raised here. Perhaps an option to select either would be beneficial?

    To clarify @robert1p, 1Password 7 for Android could continue using PIN unlock as long as the app stayed open in the background. If it was closed completely by force stopping, removing from Recents or through other methods, the account password would be required to unlock.

    There are currently no specifics to provide regarding if PIN unlock will be added to 1Password 8 or how exactly it would work. I really appreciate your input however and have shared it with the team.

    Thanks again everyone!

  • robert1p
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    I believe you missed my point. My preference is to have the app remain open in the background after I remove if from Recents; i.e. there are plenty of apps that run in background when removed from Recents. Thus, I'd prefer 1Password continue in background so that I can still use the PIN.

  • Ah, thanks for adding that @robert1p. While features like Autofill will continue to function, removing 1Password for Android from Recents does, and has always locked the app. I'd be happy to pass along your interest in a change here though! Thanks again for sharing your feedback and taking the time to clarify things for me.

  • Blunderbuss
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    +1 - I am considering migrating from LastPass to 1Password, but I absolutely can't do that unless PIN unlock is an option. Biometric simply doesn't work for me. I would use the old version of the app, but I have no way to get a guaranteed safe version of the APK.

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