Upgrade to 1Password 8 iOS Login Problems

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I upgraded my iPhone today and logged in just fine. My wife is a member of my "Family" (duh!), I upgraded her iPhone also today. Logging in to the new version on her phone was not easy. First off I think the login screen was different asking for more info. I'm pretty sure all I had to do to log in was enter my user name and master password. Now there is a field asking for a web address. I have no idea what that address should be, and I think it is the same as the example site URL. Even so, there are very few web addresses I can remember past about 5 digits.

Then there's one option to use a QR code from my.1Password.com. I get the code, but it looks like it wants to log me in on her phone. Is that what I want? I don't know. I cancel that. Another field wants me to enter her secret code. I have that, but no way will I ever enter that 100% correct. I go round-and-round, and nothing I enter will activate the sign-in button because I have not entered a URL, I think. Finally, I find her emergency kit and scan that code. That works, now all I have to do is enter her master password.

This should be made easier and clearer. I did go to the help, but it was not helpful.

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