Default vault keeps changing.

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Just installed 1p8. Again, my default vault is changed on ALL (incl Mac) devices from shared to Personal. This included safari extension and the main app.

Again, how do I set the default vault to Shared?

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  • rlgleason51rlgleason51
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    Well, no matter how many tiny, the default vault keeps going back to personal.

    1. Not having default vault remain unchanged is unacceptable.
    2. Do not like the new look.
      1. Cannot sort tags, which is pretty shocking.
  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    There is not default option within the app. I can pass on you wish for this to return. You can set a default vault from the browser. Right-click on the toolbar icon and select settings. In the general tab set the saving vault.

  • DavidCatalanoDavidCatalano
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    Just want to voice that changing the default vault is an important missing feature of 1p8.

    Use case: Family members (including children) creating passwords that now default to the Personal vault and therefore not shared with others. I used to go to each family member and each of their devices to change the vault default. I think an 'organizational-wide' setting or admin setting default in the user manager would be even better.

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