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I’ve just installed v8 and it appears I can’t have a list of all categories on the home page (I.e. Emails, Bank Accounts etc)

Is this possible? Have I missed something?

I realise I can search for categories but that requires I memorise all the categories beforehand.


  • Hi @Dekyras:

    While it isn't possible to add Categories to the Home tab currently, it is possible to add Categories to the Items tab (the second from the left).

    Switch to the Items tab, scroll to the bottom, then choose Customize, and select the Categories entry. Let me know how you get on with that!


  • Dekyras
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    That works :-)

    Thanks for the prompt response - it’s appreciated.


  • @Dekyras On behalf of Jack, we're glad to hear you can see your Categories list in 1Password 8! Feel free to get in touch if there's anything else we can help you with.

  • amarie000
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    Oy I hate not having Categories as the first thing (or maybe 2nd after favorites) on the Home Page. This helps a little bit, but for some reason the "drag to reorder" isn't working for me anywhere in the app. So Categories appears at the bottom. When I'm on the phone trying to give someone my credit card, and need to see the list of them, this is aggravating. Same for secure notes.

    How about adding the ability to save a Category as a favorite? There are really only 3 that I use with any regularity.

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